Saturday, July 31, 2010

Spring '10- Beginning Painting

more classwork! These are from my elective, Beginning Painting. Some are in-class still lifes, some are homework assignments... I think the best thing about this class was that it gave me extra acrylic practice that kind of gave me a leg up in Color. I also liked that there was more stylistic freedom and creativity involved than in Color...

...but, I find that most of my paintings end up rather tight and overworked. The problem is I tend to paint really fast. So if I'm working on a painting for a few class periods, I'll usually get it to a pretty nice level on the first day, and spend the rest of the time tightening it up. Sometimes it improves it, but sometimes it loses its life...I had the same problem in Obeservational color. I definitely need to use acrylics more often so I can find the right balance between looseness and realism.

anyway. Paintings. These are more or less in chronological order.

my first painting in class... ah, the memories!

I think our second in-class assignment... personally I really like this skull, but few seem to feel the same.

One of my early homework assignments.

a homework assignment in which we had to mimic the style of another artist. mine was characterized by very saturated colors, bright whites, quaint tea party-like subject matter, high angles, and tight cropping... whee

shiny in-class still life. Camera skewed it a bit.

Probably my favorite... coincidentally, the only one not done on a canvas panel. This was my "personal" still life.

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