Saturday, July 31, 2010

Spring '10-- FEWS dump

Figure drawings from last semester. This is by no means all of them, and a few of them are from figure class fall semester (and I just didn't upload them,) but here ya go!

I apologize for the image quality. They're pretty much all done on newsprint (except for one, which is in fact a painting), and newsprint just doesn't photograph well.

Spring '10- Beginning Painting

more classwork! These are from my elective, Beginning Painting. Some are in-class still lifes, some are homework assignments... I think the best thing about this class was that it gave me extra acrylic practice that kind of gave me a leg up in Color. I also liked that there was more stylistic freedom and creativity involved than in Color...

...but, I find that most of my paintings end up rather tight and overworked. The problem is I tend to paint really fast. So if I'm working on a painting for a few class periods, I'll usually get it to a pretty nice level on the first day, and spend the rest of the time tightening it up. Sometimes it improves it, but sometimes it loses its life...I had the same problem in Obeservational color. I definitely need to use acrylics more often so I can find the right balance between looseness and realism.

anyway. Paintings. These are more or less in chronological order.

my first painting in class... ah, the memories!

I think our second in-class assignment... personally I really like this skull, but few seem to feel the same.

One of my early homework assignments.

a homework assignment in which we had to mimic the style of another artist. mine was characterized by very saturated colors, bright whites, quaint tea party-like subject matter, high angles, and tight cropping... whee

shiny in-class still life. Camera skewed it a bit.

Probably my favorite... coincidentally, the only one not done on a canvas panel. This was my "personal" still life.

Spring '10-- Observational Color

I've been meaning since the end of last semester to upload some of my class work... but I just never got around to it until now.

Regardless, here are some of my paintings from Observational Color. They didn't photograph well so they're kind of dark, but you get the idea. I liked Color. With so much craziness and random assignments in other classes, I appreciated the predictability and relaxing nature of it. Plus it gave me lots of practice with acrylics.

These are in no particular order.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Hey y'all! How's summer going? It's been pretty good for me. I'm working on a lot of fun, new projects. The problem is, I'm working on them all at the same time and they're all taking a while, so I have yet to finish any of them. But I'm getting close!

One of my projects for the summer has been a quest to make money by painting classy-type pictures that people can actually hang on their walls. My grandmother really likes orchids and I've done them in the past, so I decided to try that again. I've sold one so far (not pictured) and with any luck I'll be able to sell these, too. I'm trying to earn enough money to a) be able to eat once I go back to Ringling and b) buy a portable hard drive. I'm pretty sure I'll need one now that we're starting Computer Animation; something tells me my little beaten-up 1gig flash drive just won't cut it... ha...ha.

So... if you know anyone with money who likes flowers, point them my way. :D

Ok enough shameless advertising. Pictures!

9x12, acrylic

9x12, watercolor

~8 1/2 x 9, watercolor

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm bad at being creative. For now, have an airbender instead.

Also, as an added bonus, a goatfishman!