Friday, July 23, 2010


Hey y'all! How's summer going? It's been pretty good for me. I'm working on a lot of fun, new projects. The problem is, I'm working on them all at the same time and they're all taking a while, so I have yet to finish any of them. But I'm getting close!

One of my projects for the summer has been a quest to make money by painting classy-type pictures that people can actually hang on their walls. My grandmother really likes orchids and I've done them in the past, so I decided to try that again. I've sold one so far (not pictured) and with any luck I'll be able to sell these, too. I'm trying to earn enough money to a) be able to eat once I go back to Ringling and b) buy a portable hard drive. I'm pretty sure I'll need one now that we're starting Computer Animation; something tells me my little beaten-up 1gig flash drive just won't cut it... ha...ha.

So... if you know anyone with money who likes flowers, point them my way. :D

Ok enough shameless advertising. Pictures!

9x12, acrylic

9x12, watercolor

~8 1/2 x 9, watercolor

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