Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Weaving Contest Animatic

Heh... I couldn't decide whether to upload this or not, but I figure I might as well go ahead.

This was an assignment for Concept Design. We had to take a portion of the story of Arachne from Greek Mythology (Arachne and Athena have a weaving contest; Arachne's is better; Athena gets really mad and turns Arachne into a spider) and turn it into an animatic. We were given the dialogue and a description of the action, and we had a 30 second time limit to make it work.

Fitting all that mess into 30 seconds was -tough-. The dialogue itself, without pauses, was 35 seconds, so I had to chop it up in places and take out some phrases entirely to make it fit. Then the action-- well, it's a pretty dramatic scene for such a short amount of time. Very challenging.

Anyway, here's what I came up with. The ending still feels weird to me, but for the most part I'm pretty proud of it.

Animatic: "The Weaving Contest" from Lindsey St. Pierre on Vimeo.


Hey y'all,

here's the pantomime I made for Traditional Animation. A little girl plays with her doll a bit too roughly, and its head falls off...

Traditional Animation- Pantomime from Lindsey St. Pierre on Vimeo.

and Harriet's character sheet

It's been such a busy semester! Gaaaaah I need to start finding time to go to FEWS!