Friday, December 17, 2010


Hey guys!

So the semester's over. And wow, what a semester it's been.

I can't even think of anything to say about it, that's how mindblowing it was.

Here are a few animations from the end of the year

Firstly, the lip sync with that cat character I posted a while back. I animated this quite a few weeks ago, I just never got around to putting it here. The line comes for "A Bug's Life."

This is one of those animations where, looking back now, I feel like I could have made it so much better! If nothing else, it makes me excited to move on to the next semester, when I get to continue to explore in animation. YEAH!

Moving on,

Final project in Traditional Animation (ever! I'll miss you, TA :( <3 ) was the collaborative dance project. The whole class chooses a song, and everyone animates a character dancing to it for 5-10 seconds. My class chose a circus theme, so I decided to do a tightrope walker character.

We had to design our dances so that they could be put into sequence and would smoothly become one long animation (hence, 'collaboration'). Our class's final dance hasn't been compiled yet, but once it is I'll post it here, too.

Now, Computer Animation:

Our final project for CA1 was to design a simple, two-legged character (I made a lion! Whee!), model it, and make it walk, jump, and then do a turn. Yeah, it doesn't sound like much, but it was actually a really great exercise.

I think the most exciting thing in animation for me right now is that, even though I may not be brilliant yet, I feel like I learn so much with every single project. I can't wait to get to do more and become better both in my understanding of movement and in character acting.

Ok, that's all for now. :)