Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer done! (and some pictures)

What the heck guys!

Tomorrow I leave to go back to Ringling! So exciteddddddddd

here's some miscellaneous drawings from throughout the summer. They were all done for contests on

See you Saturday, fellow students ;D


  1. i know i don't know you buuuuut i just wanted to say i think your artwork is amazing. i wanted to ask since i will be applying for college in about 6 mothes how ringling is, is it expensive? is it nice? if you could answer that for me that would be wonderful-amber

  2. Hi Amber! thanks.

    I love Ringling. I find everything from the facilities to the atmosphere to be very artistically nurturing and inspiring. On the downside: it is quite expensive (no more so than most good art colleges, but still), and Ringling gives almost no scholarships. Many of my fellow students also complain that they can be fairly disorganized, but but I myself have not really noticed. Other than these things, I think it's a great place, especially if you intend to study animation, game art, or illustration.

    If you want to know about anything more specific, feel free to ask.